Mercy Killers

Mercy Killers

Craig Fairbaugh - Vocals/Guitar Sam Soto - Bass/Vocals Colin Berrill - Drums

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MERCY: Compassion and forgiveness shown toward someone whom it is within one's power to punish or harm.

KILLER: A person, animal or thing that kills.

MERCY KILLERS: Craig Fairbaugh (Vocals/Guitar), Sam Soto (Bass/Vocals) and Colin Barill (Drums)

CRAIG FAIRBAUGH: It didn't take young Fairbaugh long to figure out what his calling in life would be. At a young age, picking up a guitar would set a course that has taken him to almost every corner of the globe, as well as into the company of Barrill and Soto. While on tour playing guitar with Transplants, friend and band-mate Tim Armstrong would tell Fairbaugh of the mysterious Mr. Soto. He described him as someone Fairbaugh should get in contact with. While on tour playing guitar with Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards, he would meet Barrill in a smokey rock club in Dublin. Now, on a mission and out for blood, Fairbaugh leads this trio of misanthropes into the dark and sleepless world of Mercy Killing....

SAM SOTO: Better known to friends (and enemies/victims) as Sampire, this young man would prove to be the sort of company a Mercy Killer would be wise in keeping. Soto was a member of Sluts For Hire, as well as co-founder of the group Original Sinners with Exene Cervenka of X. A Scorpio, he has an undying appreciation for taxidermy and a propensity for the macabre that would give even Vlad the Impaler himself the willies. Tonight, in a fearless attempt at keeping all ends low and all light as quiet as possible, he will prove himself a victor...

COLIN BARRILL: It took our fearless Mercy Killers to the far reaches of Ireland to find their rhythmic foundation. Barrill, a long-time member of punk group 'The Gurriers', was the final piece in forming this trio. Bringing great skill and death-defying stamina from his hometown of Dundalk, this young Irishman would become Fairbaugh and Soto's backbone. The demos that Fairbaugh and Soto recorded to a drum machine would be brought to life in a way that no one could have never expected...

...which brings us to the debut release of the Mercy Killers self-titled e.p. on Rancid Records and a subsequent recording deal with Hellcat Records...

As products of the original "punk" movement, the members of Mercy Killers carry the torch with the strength of 10 men. Growing up on bands like The Damned, T.S.O.L., Generation X and The Clash has provided Fairbaugh and Co. with the inspiration needed to create something new and refreshing, all the while keeping in mind the threatening poise and noise of their punk-rock forefathers. It is evident on their debut release that there is true chemistry between the members of this clandestine musical society...

...for this society rewards only the strong and shows mercy only to those deserving. It casts out weakness and cowardice like they were the black plague themselves. It has and will continue to strike its enemies with the sonic force of the atom bomb. And it embraces blood and flame like a mother does her new born baby. Welcome to the brotherhood of the Mercy Killers...

Matt Skiba, October 2005

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  • No: #80483
  • US Rel. Date: 08/22/2006
  • EU Rel. Date: 08/21/2006
  • Type: Full