The Gadjits

The Gadjits

Brandon Phillips - Guitar, Vocals Adam Phillips - Drums and Percussions Zach Phillips - Bass, Vocals Heidi Blobaum - Keys, Backing Vocals

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In our last episode we went over in great detail just what exactly Kansas City's The Gadjits are. To quickly refresh your memory let's recap. The Gadjits are: 1-foppish mod-kid songwriter. 1-fifteen year-old drummer who blends his Sly and Robbie with the anarchic savoir fare of Keith Moon. 1-of those rare bass players who writes, sings and plays with perfect balance of heart and head. 1-keyboard player whose presence both on record and stage is like that of Cyndi Lauper and Steve Nieve's love child. These four characters released "At Ease" last year to a resounding, "the ska market is flooded with lame bands so we have no time for you." The Gadjits are undeterred.

In a desert rife with ska bands suffering or about to suffer a major sophomore slump, The Gadjits are a cool glass of lemonade. Rather than practice upon the popular inexperience with droning horn lines, goofy gimmicks or cock-rock buffooning, The Gadjits actually write songs. The fruits of their labor of the past months can be found on their latest Hellcat release, "Wish We Never Met," fourteen songs boiling with urgency. Thee churning garage-ska of 'Somebody's Wife' wrestles with (foppish mod) Brandon's headstrong lyrical plea to be heard. (Awesome bassist) Zach's nonsense-free anthems of tell it like it is teen angst, love and frustration are set to backgrounds of ten thousand seat sixties rock, (Bad Gadjit) mid-seventies scratchy reggae (Angel and a Devil), and this year's stomp that would make Elvis proud. Pointed songwriting honed to a razor's edge by ace face producers Victor Ruggerio (The Slackers) and Victor Rice (Scofflaws/NY Ska-Jazz Ensemble).

The Gadjits do rock, but not by design. They rock from the heart on out. It's no surprise that many critics dismiss them as being to young and trendy with one hand while slipping the other down the pants of Match Box 20 while hoping to get their boobs autographed.

"We didn't get into playing music to be jerked off and have people call us artists and act freaky and shit." Says Zach, "We do this because we live in a shitty suburb and this is exciting and a little dangerous."

Danger? In Rock N' Roll? Be careful Gadjits, modern rock radio might bruise. "Not Ska enough for the ska-kids, too ska for the crusties is like the story of our lives. We feel good about being on the middle ground because appear to be living on it". Says Brandon.

Over the last six years the Gadjits have not only stood their ground, they've expanded their borders, annexed some neighboring territories and somehow managed to gain fans, friends and allies. Through tours, records, reviews begging, borrowing and the sweat of their brows, The Gadjits have built a foundation and a frame on their little piece of the prairie.

When it comes time for finishing work," they say, "I think we will opt for sheet-rock instead of plaster.

"Why?" you ask.

"Because plaster does not hold nails very well and when this house is done, we intend on hanging a lot of pictures."

latest release

Wish We Never Met
  • 01 Intro
  • 02 Somebody's Wife
  • 03 Outsider
  • 04 Bad Gadjit
  • 05 Cowboys Always Win
  • 06 B.C.
  • 07 Angel And A Devil
  • 08 Carnival Sense
  • 09 Manuhkin
  • 10 Wise Up
  • 11 Thinkin' 'Bout You
  • 12 Cleveland, Ohio
  • 13 Handkerchief
  • 14 Jenny Jones (Leave The Death Rock Kids Alone)


  • No: #80416
  • US Rel. Date: 07/13/1999
  • EU Rel. Date: 07/01/1999
  • Type: Full