The Nerve Agents

The Nerve Agents

Timmy Stardust - Guitar, Vocals Dante Sigona - Bass, Piano Eric Ozenne - Vocals Zac "The Butcher" Hunter - Guitar Andy Outbreak - Drums


Like demon hounds hell-bent on vengeance, THE NERVE AGENTS charged into the modern hardcore scene in 1998, with reckless abandon and intensity. They sought to tear through the fashions and factions with a raw sound and intelligent lyrics that would leave all in their path utterly ravaged and confused. THE NERVE AGENTS aimed to instigate a furious graveyard riot that would resurrect the power and passion of true hardcore spirit that had been woefully dormant. But with the punk fury came a creeping darkness. THE NERVE AGENTS have woven together both the manic and the macabre to create a musical tempest of ghastly wrath. THE NERVE AGENTS were brought to life by stitching together the severed limbs of formidable Bay Area hardcore bands Redemption 87, Model American, Rely, and Fury 66. A punk rock group set to awaken dormant minds, and stagnant standards. They combine the frenzied indignation of Black Flag, the social sensibilities of Minor Threat, the morbid flair of The Misfits. The lost art of, lyrics with a thought provoking purpose falls evidently hard in THE NERVE AGENTS writing. Their first two tumultuous manifestoes "s/t" and "Days Of The White Owl" were delivered courtesy of legendary hardcore label Revelation Records. A split with Kill Your Idols on Mankind Records proved that these diabolic boys had the gall and balls to cover the Bowie classic, Suffragette City. THE NERVE AGENTS have since left Revelation to join their friends at Hellcat Records. Their latest opus is due in the summer of 2001. THE NERVE AGENTS have garnered plenty of attention for their infamously frenetic live shows. It is authentic emotion running frighteningly amok. The rumors of occasional blood spills and hospital visits stemming from THE NERVE AGENTS live shows are a very true indeed. They have decimated stages and devastated crowds from coast to coast with the likes of AFI, TIGER ARMY, T.S.O.L, SICK OF IT ALL, U.S. BOMBS and THE EXPLOSION, among others. THE NERVE AGENTS set out to agitate the underground and they have done just that by actually uniting all the different scenes who have only their teenage rage in common. Hardcore kids, punk rockers, goths, and every other form of deviant being have all succumbed to the grotesque charm and charisma of THE NERVE AGENTS. This band will incite a new ideal as to what hardcore punk can accomplish.

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The Butterfly Collection
  • 01 The Poisoning
  • 02 Crisis
  • 03 War Against!
  • 04 The Vice Of Mrs. Grossly
  • 05 Madam Butterfly
  • 06 Princess Jasmine
  • 07 What Then?
  • 08 The Legend Of H. Gane Ciro
  • 09 But I Might Die Tonight
  • 10 Metal Pig
  • 11 New Jersey
  • 12 So, Very Avoidable
  • 13 Oh, Ghost Of Mine
  • 14 Frost
  • 15 The Cross


  • No: #80443
  • US Rel. Date: 07/27/2001
  • EU Rel. Date: 07/13/2001
  • Type: Full

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