Chris Hugall - Drums Rich Fry - Bass Rob Tortelli - Guitar Ben McCarthy - Vocals

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Mouthwash is a four piece from West Norwood, which is located in South London, UK. They formed as a three piece in 1995 when they were in their early teens with Ben on vocals and bass, Robert on guitar and Chris on drums. Since forming they have changed and experimented with many different styles of punk, ska and hardcore, being influenced by bands such as Bad Religion, Operation Ivy, Minor Threat and Rancid, as well as the local London band, Toast. They began playing shows around London in early 1997 & became very involved in the scene in Corydon, South London. It was at a South London record store called Shake Some Action, where Mouthwash played their first show and slowly began to get their name around. During that same year they released the 'Music For The Average Ninja' EP on their own label, 'Hot Wok' records.

During 1997 Rich joined on bass, allowing Ben to move over to vocals full time, while the band began to develop their own sound and a kick ass live show. Soon after, the band became a well-known headliner for gigs in London and Brighton. As the band began to gain recognition as a great live act, they found themselves opening for bands such as The Vandals, The Pietasters, Bouncing Souls, H20, Hepcat, Agnostic Front, Rancid, The Get Up Kids, as well as British bands such as UK Subs, Toast, 17 Stitches, Vanilla Pod and many more. It was at a Rancid gig in 1998 that Tim Armstrong noticed Mouthwash and asked them to join up and be a part of Hellcat Records. In 1999 They self-released a second EP titled 'Fools Gold' again through 'Hot Wok', as well appearing on various compilations & releasing a track ("Fools Gold") on the best selling Hellcat Records compilation, 'GIVE 'EM THE BOOT II" (1999).

In January 2000 the band began to record and self-produce their debut full length for Hellcat Records titled '1000 Dreams', which shows off their dynamic, inventive, sing-along punk playing & songwriting.

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1000 Dreams


  • No: #80431
  • US Rel. Date: 01/23/2001
  • EU Rel. Date: 01/09/2001
  • Type: Full

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